Our Service

We make this website as a platform for employers to search their domestic helpers and domestic helpers to post their profiles to look for their employers.   

Established near a decade, GraceField Employment Service Ltd. is aimed to provide highest standard of service in the Hong Kong employment agencies industry.  We spend more effort in matching the families with suitable helpers according to their different requirements.  Employers can also easily search their helpers with selecting different skills and backgrounds from this website, and have our assistance in processing their applications.  We also have different branch locations in Hong Kong Island and Kowloon for employers to visit and to process their applications.

We specialize in placing domestic helpers from the Philippines, Indonesia, and Sri Lanka.  And, we provide one stop service for foreign domestic helper hiring from helper selection to helper report duty.  We are working hard to provide good quality and efficient foreign domestic helper employment service.




  • 本港領事館合約費及文件程序費
  • 有關國家政府之文件手續費及程序費
  • 香港入境簽証費
  • 文件速遞費, 傳真費
  • 女傭來港機票, 離境稅及機場稅
  • 機場接送女傭至本公司之交通費
  • 家政訓練課程
  • 印尼語, 泰國語, 菲律賓語翻譯服務及女傭輔導
  • 代女傭辦理領事館報到手續及代辦領取香港身份証
  • 女傭到達香港後, 將送往本港註冊化驗所驗身(包括驗孕, 乙型肝炎, 胸肺, 性病及愛滋病檢驗)
  • 12個月內可更換女傭一次 (需另付原價費用70%)
  • 送首年本地勞工保險